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The Mainland Foundation is an independent hotel-based society licensed to operate gaming machines in hotels and taverns, raising money for distribution to the Community. Our Net Proceeds Committee generally meets twice a month to consider applications

The Foundation maintains an open and equitable funding regime that enables non-profit organisations such as sports clubs, cultural groups, and community-based societies or trusts to apply for funds through a transparent and efficient application process

Mainland Foundation provides grant support for any applicant if their location, or event/activity location is in an area where we have venues. Click here for a full list of our venues. PLEASE check your location against the list of venues located in the link above. You may still be eligible if your project/activity address is in an area we support even if your physical address is outside those areas.

Criteria for applying: Before making your application, please review the criteria for being able to apply for a grant and the list of materials that requires uploading and all relevant information needed to complete your application. This is all contained in the FAQ's. To view, please click on the FAQ's in the application toolbar above.


Please Note: Mainland Foundation is accepting applications from today 8th September 2021. However as our venues are operating at limited capacity under the strict guidelines from Ministry of Health at Level 2, funds will be limited. Please only submit applications for that which is necessary. We cannot accept applications for wage costs or fixed costs if your organisation has already received the Wage Subsidies and/or the Resurgence Subsidy to cover these costs. Please advise the status of this on your application. Thank you.


We suggest that you have the uploadable documents scanned and saved on your computer before you begin your application. 


Please add as a contact in your mailbox so your server doesn't quarantine correspondence from us. 


In undertaking an application, you will see the below icon appear above questions. Please click in the icon and read the information before completing the question.   




We have 22 grant rounds per year. Limited rounds over December/January. 

  • Completed grant applications must be received by the Mainland Foundation Grants Office on or before the closing date shown on the website. Click Here
  • The Board meets to consider all applications received twice a month.
  • Any application submitted after the closing date will not be considered until the next round of funding is open.
  • We endeavour to pay grants to successful applicants within 10 working days of the grant round.



Please read the following information: 

  • All communication regarding your application will be sent to you by email, through our online system. 
  • ​You may re-enter your application at any time using the return link that will be sent to you. 
  • Each step must be completed in full before you can save and navigate to another page. 
  • Please use the following internet browsers when making an application: 
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 or higher. 
  • Once your application has been submitted, we will send you a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the application. 
  • Once you have submitted your application, an email will be sent to you, so you may track its progress. 



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