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Terms & conditions

If your application is successful you agree and acknowledge on behalf of yourself and your organisation, group or other entity applying for the Grant, the following:

  1. Ensure that funding awarded is spent on items outlined within my completed application form
  2. I consent to my approved grant being listed on Mainland Foundation’s website, Facebook or other media. I also agree to all relevant information pertaining to these approved projects/activities/purchases of property items being included
  3. I agree to ensure that the Grant amount and any services received as part of the Grant will be used solely for the activities specified in this application and for no other purposes.
  4. I agree I may not refer to Mainland Foundation as a grantor of the activity or programme which is the subject of this application unless this application is successful.
  5. If this application is on behalf of an organisation, group or other entity, I confirm that I have informed them of this application and will provide acknowledgement of grant receipt via the entity supported (i.e. on official letterhead or alternative official means).
  6. I agree to invoice Mainland Foundation for the full grant amount (if required)
  7. I acknowledge that any decision made by Mainland Foundations Grant Team is final. I accept and understand that no explanation for any decision made regarding my application needs to be provided.
  8. I confirm that where this application contains personal information relating to any person, those persons have authorised the provision of their personal information by the applicant to Mainland Foundation for the purpose of this application and for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of any grants approved.
  9. I acknowledge and agree that if I fail to comply with any of the above obligations, the Mainland Foundation Grant’s Team may take action to terminate the Grant including, but not limited to; requiring a refund of any grant amounts and/or requiring a cease of any referral to Mainland Foundation as being associated with my entity or organisation in any way.
  10. Mainland Foundation may be requested by regulatory parties, including the DIA, our auditors, or any other entity, including our industry association, to which we are required to disclose information for any reason, including, regulatory or statutory requirements, to provide copies of your information that you have submitted in this application including but not limited to; Organisation details, your personal information, information about your request for funding, banking details and amounts granted if you are successful.  By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to this material being provided.

Applications for Capital work/s projects are considered on a case by case basis, and are not considered as a high priority for Mainland Foundation. 
The Net Proceeds Committee will give priority to applications concentrated on other purposes such as equipment, playing uniforms or other non-operational costs.

Grant Influence – Section 113

Key Persons of Mainland Foundation Class 4 venue cannot have any input or influence in the grant process. 

Conditions for Allocation of Funds

  • Funds approved will be deposited into the nominated bank account, with the following conditions applied:
  • The allocation is made as a grant, and made on the condition that no procuration fee, commission and/or discount has or will be paid to any person and that no identifiable direct benefit arises or may arise in the form of a supply of goods or services to any party involved as a result of the payment being made.
  • When a grant recipient is GST registered, a grant will only be made for the GST exclusive component.
  • When a grant recipient is not GST registered, a grant may be made for the full GST inclusive cost of the goods or service.
  • The Foundation requires that an acknowledgement of grant be completed by way of an accountability report that must be returned to the Foundation, once funds have been received by the recipient organisation.
  • Purchases need to remain the property of the organisation.


Audit and Inspection Requirements

Mainland Foundation records will be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs. Mainland Foundation is required to render details of all donations to the Department of Internal Affairs. This grant application is made with the understanding that if any Department of Internal Affairs officer so requests, the applicant organisation shall agree to and participate in (at its own expense) any such inspection and/or audit. Mainland Foundation may also request information and verification as to how the funds were used.

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